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The Information Zone of Cloud Invoice Implementation for Cross-border E-Commerce Suppliers

:::The Information Zone of Cloud Invoice Implementation>The Applying and Downloading of Alphanumeric Letters

7. Apply for Alphanumeric Numbers(Applications can be accepted from 2018/11/05)

Please go to "eTax Portal, Ministry of Finance" to apply online for E-Invoice Alphanumeric Numbers. Basically, it takes 7 days for local branch or office of National Taxation Bureau to review and approve.

-Path: eTax Portal, Ministry of Finance /Tax on Cross-border Electronic commerce/Cloud Invoice/Apply for Alphanumeric Letters online"【

-Instructions for Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Business Entity to Apply for Electronic Invoice Letter Track Number【Chinese Ver.】【English Ver.

8. Download Alphanumeric Numbers

  1. You may go online to apply for the alphanumeric letters and have the value-added cebter to download them for you at the same time.
  2. Use Turnkey to download E-invoice alphanumeric letters by yourself
    1. Set scheduled download (Turnkey system menu: File Delivery / Schedule Settings)
      1. Automatic scheduling download: Please set the schedule to automatically download the file according to the set time.
      2. Manual scheduling download: Manually click "Download now" to download the file.
      3. The default download path of MIG message specification E0501 is as follows: \EINVTurnkey\Unpack\BAK\E0501\ “year, month and day of downloading" \ “the hour of downloading time”
      4. Turnkey Schedule Setting
    2. After your company applies for number assigning, the E-invoice Platform will generate the file within one hour. Your company can select the time to download the file from the above directory according to the customized schedule.
    3. Please import the above MIG message specification E0501 into your company's own ERP system to facilitate the issuance of cloud invoices.