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The Information Zone of Cloud Invoice Implementation for Cross-border E-Commerce Suppliers

:::The Information Zone of Cloud Invoice Implementation>The Process of Implementation

1. The solution to Implementing of Cloud Invoice for Cross-border E-commerce Suppliers

According to the Article 7-1-2 of the Regulations Governing the Use of Uniform Invoices issued by the Ministry of Finance on July 16, 2018, the business entity (prescribed in Subparagraph 4, Article 6 of the Act) shall issue cloud invoices to purchasers".

  1. the system planning of cloud invoices for the cross-border e-commerce suppliers 【Chinese Ver.】 【English Ver.
  2. Please add the "invoice period" and "invoice number" to electronic receipts for consumers.
  3. Please add the following propaganda text in other way at the website or the electronic receipts.
    Starting from _______ 2019, we, (Name of supplier) will issue cloud invoices to individual consumers within Republic of China who purchase electronic services online from us. For your convenience of checking cloud invoices and claiming rewards, please download the redemption application of the Ministry of Finance 【iOS:Please click the link below. iOS; Android:Please click the link below. Android】 or go to "The E-Invoice Platform of Ministry of Finance"【 】and consolidate the carrier (consumer's email address) of your cloud invoices with the bar code on your cell phone so as to have the Ministry of Finance provide you the services of invoice inquiry, automatic prize checking and notice sending if a prize is won.
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Reference Material and Information

If you have any question, please inform the contact person:

  1. Contact person for technical questions:
    • Fiscal Information Agency, Ministry of Finance
    • Name: Mr. Lee, Mr. Hsu
    • Phone number: 886-2-27631833 #3306,#1231
    • Email Address:;
  2. Contact person for inquring about VAT and regulations:
    • National Taxation Bureau of Taipei
    • Name: Mr. Huang, Miss Lu
    • Phone Number: 886-2-23113711 #1836,#1830
    • Email Address:;

2. Select the Upload Method of Cloud Invoices

Upload Process

Select the Upload Method of Cloud Invoices The Cross-border E-commerce suppliers can choose to upload cloud invoices by value-added centers or by themselves using Turnkey, the transmission software of Ministry of Finance.

  1. For value-added centers to upload the cloud invoices, please go to【 search for value-added center】on the Integrated Service Platform of the Ministry of Finance (hereafter refer to the E-invoice Platform) to search for the value-added center.(The value-added centers are companies which help other companies uplod cloud invoices.)The value-added centers are companies who are approved by the local branch or office of National Taxation Bureau to provide services of cloud invoice' s system.
  2. To upload cloud invoices by themselves, please download the transmission software (Turnkey) and test it on the E-invoice Platform in order to receive Notice of Approval for online. The testing process basically includes “apply for Turnkey transmission”, “download and install Turnkey”, “apply online for transmission certificate” and “Turnkey online test”. The process descriptions are as follows:
    1. Apply for Turnkey Transmission:fill out online the form of "Application for Services of the E-invoice Platform (for the use of Cross-border E-commerce Suppliers Only)". After it was submitted successfully, the E-invoice Platform will send a Notice of Approval for Turnkey of E-Invoice Platform via email address provided on the application in 14 days basically.
    2. Download and Install Turnkey:download the manual, the software and associated documents for Turnkey installation.
    3. Apply Online for Transmission Certificate:To transmit cloud invoices by Turnkey, the uploadn must be signed electronically through certificate to ensure the identity of transmitter is undeniable. Please go to the Mixed Organization Certification Authority (XCA) and apply online for "Non-IC Card Certificate for Organization and Group", then import the certificate to Turnkey and register it with the E-invoice Platform.
    4. Apply for Turnkey Online Test:After "Non-IC Card Certificate for Organization and Group" has been imported to Turnkey, proceed the online test and obtain Notice of Approval so as to ensure the accuracy of cloud invoices transmission. Please refer to the "E-Invoice Self-Test before Turnkey Goes Online (v4.4)" for reference. 【Chinese Ver.】【English Ver.】 Please complete the test in different scenarios according to the testing range. Written paper will need to be transformed to pdf files and uploaded to the E-invoice Platform for review. On receipt of the files, the Technical Customer Service of the E-invoice Platform will provide feedback in about 2-3 days (the responding time may vary depending on how many cases they received). After that, the E-invoice Platform will send a Notice of Approval to those who pass the test and provide them with formal environment for cloud invoices uploading.